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The hottest words in building these days are "green" and "sustainable".

Construction is often hard on the environment, and it makes sense that those in the industry would try to minimize the impacts of our projects. Unfortunately, a lot of the marketing of "green" products and "sustainable" projects is at least partly hype, made up of claims that are hard to verify. Lots of products look good, but are they?

There are several steps you can take to reduce the impact of your project. • Build simply. Minimize the complexity of your building. Straightforward shapes are faster and easier to build, and use less material. • Build as small as reasonably possible. Smaller uses less material, disturbs less soil, requires less energy to heat and cool, and consumes fewer hours of labor (which reduces energy consumed in building). • Build tight and insulate well. Try to minimize use of large windows, especially those that face north or do not receive much direct sun. • Maximize passive solar gain. Orient your home to the south and capture as much sunlight as possible. This will reduce heating costs. • Maximize the use of locally sourced materials, renewable materials, and materials that are recyclable at the end of their service life.

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